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Rosaleen offers ornamental pieces that pay homage to the humility of nature. Garments are constructed to encourage dialogues between the body and environment, the main focus being the communion of people with the natural world. Through these hand crafted garments, the wearer is reminded of their radical consumption power in the face of ecological destruction. 


Rosaleen produces clothes to be buried in, garments that will be cherished and accompany the wearer throughout their lifetime. This luxury standard and value is exemplified through craftsmanship and tactility, explored through the female-centric practice of appliqué and textile manipulation. Works are united by an extreme attention to detail and a celebration of Earth's dynamic beauty through motifs of sinuous stems and blossoming blooms. These garments are a reminder to re-examine our relationship with nature and collectively focus on empowerment and healing.


Rosaleen is conscious that it contributes to an already saturated industry that is a leading cause in the downfall of our animate Earth; slow means of production and pre-industrial techniques are celebrated. All garments are made to order and by hand in Meanjin.

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