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Tussie-mussies are made to attach and detach from your Garland Corset. You can collect them all and have a revolving selection of floral arrangements to adorn and change the appearance of your corset. They can also be worn as a corsage or tied around your neck.


The tussie-mussie originated during medieval times and was romanticised by Queen Victoria. A “tussie” is a small group of flowers held together in a little bouquet and a “mussie” refers to the moss packed around the stems to keep the flowers from wilting. It was pinned to the bodice at nose level so that the sweet-smelling fragrance of posies filled the air.


Tussie-mussies were a popular courting gift and became important vehicles for floriography; the language of flowers. These "talking bouquets" conveyed messages that were too explicit for polite society. Picking flowers and colour was significant, each selection expressed emotion and intent.


This tussie-mussie is a loveletter to all the faeries in my garden. Irish folklore speaks of faeries as fallen angels. It is said that they are conniving creatures, shapeshifters that seek a drop of human blood so that they can fool their way back through the gates of heaven.


Each flower and leaf is unique and made by hand, the final product may differ slightly from what is pictured.

Fey Blossom Tussie-Mussie

Each piece is made to order. Allow 2-4 weeks for production plus postage. Production times may vary when demand is high.
  • Flowers are dupion silk atop a cotton velveteen base. Fabric sourced from designer excess stock. 

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